Curious About Open Relationships?

Are Open Relationships Right For You? 

10 Questions to Help You Decide 

Polyamory, swinging, and other forms of consensually nonmonogamous (CNM) relationships have seen a rise in popularity recently, with up to half men and a third of women saying their ideal relationship would be somewhat open. CNM relationships undoubtedly have certain benefits over traditional monogamy or over the more common “nonconsensual nonmonogamy” (AKA cheating). At the same time, they come with their own set of risks and challenges, and not everyone is going to find them easy to navigate. Even if CNM sounds appealing to you, it may in the end prove to be more trouble than it’s worth, or even a complete personal and relationship disaster. So how do you decide whether CNM is right for you and your partner(s)? 

In this workshop, join sex researcher and professor of human sexuality at New York University, Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, to go over 10 essential personality and relationship characteristics that science shows can make or break your success with CNM. Arm yourself with the necessary knowledge before making a major lifestyle and relationship change!

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What This Course Has to Offer

The Are Open Relationships Right For You? course walks you through ten questions to ask yourself as you consider entering an open relationship.


Dr. Zhana shares with you the research and science of open relationships, and guides you through analyzing if they're right for you.


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About Dr. Zhana

Zhana Vrangalova, PhD, is a NYC-based sex researcher who studies casual sex, nonmonogamy, and sexual orientation. She holds a PhD in developmental psychology from Cornell University, and currently teaches human sexuality-related courses as an adjunct professor at New York University. Her scholarly work has been published in a number of academic journals, and she is also passionate about bringing accurate scientific information to the general audience. In working to disseminate sexual science to broader audiences, she also writes about sexuality for popular media (for e.g., Playboy, Alternet, NY Daily News, Teen Vogue, Psychology Today), tweets daily about new sex research, runs the Casual Sex Project (a place for people to share their true hookup stories), and does a weekly sex education show using the live video streaming platforms Periscope and Facebook Live. She is currently working on a book about the science of healthy hookups.

Are Open Relationships Right For You?

Find out now so you can start having healthier, more fulfilling relationships!

Let Dr. Zhana's expertise be your guide as you dive into the exciting world of non-monogamy!

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